Dishonored's Brigmore Witches DLC is out now, here's the launch trailer

While Arkane did not fulfill our hope that Dishonored 's next DLC would feature playable whales , I guess they've done as well as they can have without going the whole hog of adding cetaceous beings. Second and final story DLC The Brigmore Witches is out today, and judging by the launch trailer, it looks like the once-indiscriminate assassin Daud is now having some serious reservations about his chosen career.

Those slow-motion execution scenes are, as usual, rather grisly, making that pensive voiceover vaguely hilarious. Reflections on the meaning of life and death?Well, in our preview , Ian did find that the storyline was the most promising thing about this DLC, which is now on sale for $10 over on Steam . The Brigmore Witches carries on from where you left off in The Knife of Dunwall, even lifting your Chaos level and weapon upgrades from the savefile.