Dishonored's third DLC announced: The Brigmore Witches bring gothic mansions and creepy dogs

After yesterday's brief teaser , Bethesda have today fully unveiled the third Dishonored DLC pack. *Crosses fingers* Please let us play a whale, please let us play a whale, please let us... oh, it's just Daud again. The Brigmore Witches will continue the story started by The Knife of Dunwall, and see the assassin attempt to stop a ritual that threatens to end his aerial knife-plunging ways.

New areas are promised, including gangland streets of Draper's Ward; Brigmore Manor, home of the titular witches and their scary rotting dog pets; and a return to Coldridge Prison - the place where a certain royal bodyguard spent an extended holiday.

Daud's existing weapons, powers and upgrades will carry over from The Knife of Dunwall playthroughs, and a new ability will be introduced in the form of Pull, letting him supernaturally grab and suspend enemies, to be used as a human shield.

The Brigmore Witches is out August 13th, and will cost $9.99 or "equivalent price points".

Phil Savage

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