Disgaea 5 Complete coming to PC next month

In May 2017, an ESRB Rating Board listing suggested Disgaea 5 Complete, the latest and greatest edition of the once-PS4-exclusive strategy JRPG, was coming to PC. It took awhile, but today NIS America quietly confirmed this: Disgaea 5 Complete will release on PC on May 7, 2018 according to its newly minted Steam page. 

For the uninitiated: Disgaea is a series of proudly over-the-top strategy JRPGs with turn-based, grid-based combat. You build characters, gear them up, group them into parties and venture into tightly structured campaign missions and literally infinite dungeons. And if the art didn't give it away, they are very anime games, known for their anti-heroes, dark humor and absurdist stories. 

Disgaea 5 in particular, with its wealth of characters and features not seen in the PC ports of Disgaea and Disgaea 2, can devour hundreds of hours in a single gulp. This is a game where your level 9,999 character, standing atop a human totem pole of all of your other characters, can deal 10,000,000,000 damage in a single attack—only for the boss on the receiving to get back up. It's a virtually endless game, but if you like JRPGs or strategy games, you probably won't want it to end.

Disgaea 5's Complete edition comes with all the DLC released since its PS4 debut. That comes to eight bonus scenarios plus four fan-favorite characters and three classes plucked from previous games. Seeing as how it's the third Disgaea to come to PC, it also shouldn't come with the bugs that tripped up Disgaea PC and, to a lesser extent, Disgaea 2 PC, which happens to be 50 percent off on Steam through Sunday, April 8. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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