How to complete A Prayer for Salvation in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Prayer for Salvation - worn gravestone
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The Diablo 4 A Prayer for Salvation quest is one of the slightly more puzzling parts of the new seasonal storyline. After you meet Cormond in the watery wasteland of Hawezar, he asks you to locate three objects from across the region, namely: Crusader Missives, the Paladin Prayer Book, and a Tithe Ledger. 

While the game gives you three circles on the map to explore, you have to find the exact item location yourself—unless I just tell you, that is. If you're trying to get some powerful Malignant Hearts in the new season, then you'll want to find a Wrathful Invoker, or just fight the Echo of Varshan lots. Otherwise, here's how to complete the Prayer for Salvation quest and find the three objects for your pal Cormond.

Where to find the Crusader Missives

The Crusader Missives are located in the Crusader's Monument stronghold in west Hawezar. Head down the northernmost staircase in the area until you find a Worn Gravestone dedicated to Maryam and surrounded by candles. The missives are resting on the left side of the altar behind the grave. Luckily, this stronghold doesn't properly start trying to kill you until you activate it, so this is quite easy to grab.

Where to find the Paladin Prayer Book

The Paladin Prayer Book is found in the Eriman's Pyre stronghold in northern Hawezar. This one is a little trickier to grab since you can only explore one section of the stronghold at a time unless you've completed it. Either way, you'll want to unlock the north-west passage that leads up to where the Oblivion dungeon entrance would usually be. Look for the partially buried cages and you'll find a chest containing the Paladin Prayer Book. 

Where to find the Tithe Ledger

The Tithe Ledger is just by the entrance to the Belfry Zakara dungeon in east Hawezar by the coast. This one isn't in a stronghold so is extremely easy to get. Just head to the dungeon entrance, and then go left a little along the stone platform to find the ledger resting by a wooden pillar-like structure. 

Now, simply take all these back to Cormond to complete this stage of the seasonal quest.

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