How to get a Wrathful Invoker in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia - Corman with a Malignant Heart
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The Diablo 4 Wrathful Invoker is the rarest of the items that let you summon Malignant Monsters in the depths of their dark and dank dungeons, so you can yoink their hearts, and cram them into your jewellery for magic powers. Though there are three regular types of Malignant Heart, the Wrathful ones are the most powerful, effectively giving you a superpower when you slot them in.

These hearts can be inserted into any piece of jewellery—though you can only benefit from one at a time—and you unlock even better ones as you move into Nightmare and Torment World Tiers. These hearts are so rare that you can't even craft them, so here's how to get and use the Wrathful Invoker in Diablo 4's Season of the Malignant.

How to get the Wrathful Malignant Invoker

While you can craft other Malignant Hearts and Malignant Invokers for each of the three regular types, you can only get a Wrathful Malignant Invoker via a single method, and even then it isn't guaranteed. You need to head to the bottom of the menu at Cormond's workbench in Kyovoshad and craft an Uncertain Invoker. As the name implies, this cache potentially drops a Wrathful Invoker when you open it up.

Once you've got your invoker, head to any Malignant Tunnel dungeon across the map, complete it, and use the Wrathful Invoker on the node in the final room once the barrier is dispelled. Defeat the monster that surfaces and you'll get your heart. Another way to get Wrathful Hearts is to fight the Echo of Varshan using his invoker, though this isn't a guaranteed method, either.

Once you defeat Varshan in the seasonal storyline you'll get your first Wrathful Heart, but after this, you'll need to craft the Invoker of Varshan and find a Malignant Tunnel containing his boss door to use it. Though the appearance of his boss door may be random, I've found it every time I've been to The Boiling Wound in the Fractured Peaks, so that's a solid bet.

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