Diablo 4 is finally, officially live

Diablo 4
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After beta tests, server slams, and a pre-order early access period, this is it: the full, official, no-takes-backsies launch of Diablo 4. The game is now live as of 4 pm PST on Monday, June 5.

So far the servers seem to be holding up just fine: Multiple members of the PC Gamer team have been able to log in with no queue times or other issues. Unless something goes horribly wrong in the next few hours, it looks like Blizzard has expertly dodged the dreaded error 37 that plagued Diablo 3's launch. Diablo 4 had a bit of trouble with logins during its beta, but that rough patch clearly helped Blizzard prepare for today's full launch.

There may be an issue with in-game purchases, though: a warning message in Battle.net says that "Players may encounter problems while attempting to make purchases in Diablo 4. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and apologize for the inconvenience."

For our take on whether Diablo 4's worth your time, check out our Diablo 4 review-in-progress. We haven't put a final score on it yet, as during the pre-launch period some key live service systems weren't online.

"So far, nothing has convinced me the endgame is so brilliant that it's worth stripping everything out of the initial leveling process," writes Associate Editor Tyler Colp. "An exciting, modern version of Diablo is in here—I can see parts of it poking through the surface—but I'm starting to lose patience waiting for it to show its face."


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