Devolver Digital releases Athletic Club apparel with serious indie drip

DAC apparel
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The holiday season is nearly upon us, which means all around the world eager eyes are on the hunt for excellent gifts. When it comes to PC gamers, if you're not specifically out for tech, we can be a tricky market to buy for. We have an amazing collection of Black Friday deals that can help you save heaps on great techy gifts like a new PC, laptop, or headset, but maybe the gamer in your life already has this completely covered.

Well, then it's time to help cover their booty and the new lineup of clothing from Devolver Digital is a pretty excellent choice. This selection of sportswear for people who may or may not play sports is the Devolver Athletic Club collection of apparel and it's a great tongue in cheek nod to one of our favourite and most chaotic publishers around.

The line up includes several choices of t-shirt, one track top, a pair of sport socks, and some very tempting red shorts. They feature custom Devolver themed graphics by Argentinian artist Alan Berry Rhys. This includes a new mascot, the DAC Rooster who wears a varsity jacket while holding a gnarly nailed bat in a clear nod to one of the publishers iconic series, Hotline Miami. 

The whole list of apparel does a really nice job of evoking those vintage sports club vibes. The rooster itself is very reminiscent of old style cartoon mascots, which is further enhanced by the three colour tone print on washed out shirts. The bottom of the listing for one such shirt also notes that "The Rooster likes hurting people - with sports." just in case we'd forgotten this was Devolver we're dealing with.

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Other designs on offer show off the Devolver Athletic Club name in a typical North American school styled logo. All the clothes in the series give a clear nod to indie gaming if you know what to look for, while still letting your nerdiness fly under the radar when required.

Devolver is also working with sustainable clothing brand Two Lives for the DAC collection. Two Lives has a focus on using upcycled fabrics to reduce waste, using natural fibres in renewable energy factories. So not only are these a neat niche gift for your friends, but hopefully for the environment as well.

As per the usual Devolver humour, this also came with a statement from their beloved if slightly not actually real CFO, Fork Parker. “This seems like a marginally less pointless thing to ask Santa for than a gym membership,” said Parker. “Those shorts are kinda hot.” And let's face it, imaginary he may be, but he's not wrong about those shorts.

You can grab the Devolver Athletic Club apparel on the official Devolver Merch store. If socks, shirts, and booty shorts aren't to your liking there's a heap of other stuff there too to suit gamers of all stripes. This includes other clothes but also things like toys, special edition games, pins, and even soundtracks for all the best Devolver titles like Cult of The Lamb, and Death's Door.

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