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Devolver’s new game is about a crow with a sword who harvests the souls of the dead

Death's Door, announced today by Devolver Digital, is a game about a crow—specifically, a crow with a sword. The crow has a sword, you see, because crows are responsible for harvesting the souls of the dead. Which is actually a much more mundane job than it sounds like, despite the sword. It gets more interesting when your assigned soul is swiped by someone else, though, because then you have to go get it.

In this particular case, the thief has made off to "a realm untouched by death." That's bad news, because without death, creatures grow far beyond what they're meant to, into twisted grotesqueries who are not inclined to make nice with interlopers. The good news is that you'll have both weapons and magic at your disposal to deal with them, bolstered by customizable character stats and upgrades.

It's being developed by Acid Nerve, the studio behind the outstanding 2015 boss fight puzzle-adventure Titan Souls. There's a definite gameplay similarity between the two, although Death's Door looks to have a significantly bigger budget; hopefully it will also be able to provide more in the way of long-term replayability than its predecessor, which we said in our 87% review is "fantastic fun" the first time through but offers "little to do" beyond the battles with the bosses.

Death's Door is expected to be out this summer, and will be available on Steam. For a more immediate door experience, don't miss our list of all the best doors in PC gaming.

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