Destiny 2: Beyond Light players find an exploit that instakills bosses

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Shadebinder
(Image credit: Bungie)

Since Beyond Light's launch, Bungie has had its hands full with a variety of bugs. From guns that had to be removed for being too good at killing people to strikes that players couldn't complete, the new expansion is off to a slightly rocky start.

Now players have found a spectacular exploit for the powerful new Shadebinder Warlock subclass. Ahead of Destiny 2's The World's First raid races, raid champions Clan Redeem found an exploit that immediately obliterates any boss. For conveniently short boss fights, five players need to spam the Winter's Wrath super combined with a grenade fired from the Salvation's Grip exotic (or several stasis grenades). The Whisper of Hedrons stasis fragment may also play a role, as it increases damage to frozen targets. 

Clan Redeem have verified the exploit on several bosses, which eventually summoned Bungie's senior community manager Dylan Gafner. According to him, the bug will not lead to a delay for The World's First: 

That's good news for players, but if you open the window and hold an ear to the wind, I'm sure you can hear a Bungie dev softly crying. If you've just started your travels, we have plenty of Beyond Light guides to help you get the most out the new stasis powers sans exploit, and the new guns you shouldn't miss out on.