Destiny 2: Beyond Light disables 2 guns for working too well

Destiny 2 Beyond Light
(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2: Beyond Light has been live for two days, and players are flocking to it, so it's not surprising that they've been finding some exploits and bugs along the way. Players recently noticed that Beyond Light was especially kind to two exotics, which Bungie has since removed "until further notice".

Victim number one, The Rose hand cannon, was supposed to be nerfed to 140 rounds per minute as part of the sandbox update, but it got removed after players reported it was still at 150rpm. The Whiterhoard grenade launcher also did its job too well—the area of effect left behind by grenades created a damage over time effect guaranteed to kill players in PvP, rather than just severely damaging them. This is a completely new issue, likely down to rebalancing done in anticipation for Beyond Light's new content.

Removing Witherhoard seems to have had a cascading effect however, as players have since reported several other guns going haywire.

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Bungie is currently investigating its fair share of issues related to Beyond Light, so keep checking the Bungie Help twitter account for updates. Given the huge number of changes Beyond Light introduces, expect some more unexpected oddities and more tweaks.