Destiny 2 Allied Demand: God roll and how to get

Destiny 2 Allied Demand god roll
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Allied Demand is one of the newest sidearms to arrive in Destiny 2 as part of the Iron Banner's ever-growing array of PvP weapons. This kinetic pistol is fast-firing and has excellent target acquisition, making it a solid sidearm for Crucible and the new Iron Banner Eruption activity. That is, if you get it with some decent perks.

This weapon benefits from the new Season of Plunder perk pool including Gutshot Straight, which lets you deal increased body shot damage for a reduction in aim assistance; a pretty great trade when you're up close and personal. The Skulking Wolf origin trait has also been reworked, and now functions in any PvP activity, making new Iron Banner weapons far more viable. In this Allied Demand god roll guide, I'll walk you through this sidearm's best setups for PvP and PvE.

How to get Allied Demand

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Since Allied Demand is an Iron Banner weapon, you can unlock it by completing matches of Eruption in the Crucible destination. At rank four you'll be able to claim an Allied Demand from Lord Saladin, which unlocks the weapon for rerolls using Iron Banner engrams. 

You'll get these engrams for ranking up with Lord Saladin, but be aware that focusing them into a specific weapon is quite costly, requiring 100 legendary shards. If you just open the engram normally with Master Rahool, you'll still have a chance to get the weapon.

What is the Allied Demand PvP god roll?

Swipe to scroll horizontally
BarrelMagazineColumn 3Column 4
Chambered CompensatorTactical MagRangefinderGutshot Straight
Corkscrew RiflingFlared MagwellRapid HitMultikill Clip

Allied Demand is primarily a PvP weapon, since its origin trait Skulking Wolf has an effect that only works in PvP, granting you enhanced radar and radar invisibility when you defeat guardians while at low health. Since Allied Demand is a 300 round per minute sidearm, you're going to want to make the most of quickly spamming shots, and that's where Gutshot Straight comes in. This perk boosts body damage while reducing target acquisition, but since you'll be using the sidearm at close range this doesn't matter so much.

Rangefinder looks to be the next best perk, buffing your range while aiming. It's worth noting, however, that your ability to trade effectively at range will be a little impaired by Gutshot's aiming effectiveness reduction. Allied Demand does have high base aiming effectiveness, but if you're going for this roll, close quarters bouts should still be your ideal. In terms of barrel and magazine, Chambered Compensator and Tactical Mag give a nice boost to stability and reload speed, making it easier to keep shots on target while firing fast, and letting you quickly change your mag during a fight.

Corkscrew Rifling and Flared Magwell are decent alternatives, granting increased stability, handling, and reload speed. Rapid Hit and Multikill Clip are also viable perks if you're going for consistent precision hits and kills, since the first will buff your reload speed and stability when you land consecutive precision hits, and assuming that ends in a kill, you can then reload quickly and get a damage bonus from the second. If you're looking for a full breakdown of all perks, this video by CoolGuy is well worth a watch.

What is the Allied Demand PvE god roll?

Swipe to scroll horizontally
BarrelMagazineColumn 3Column 4
Chambered CompensatorTactical magSubsistenceFrenzy
Corkscrew RiflingFlared MagwellRapid HitMultikill Clip

While Allied Demand isn't really a PvE weapon, it has a variety of perks that will work fine against enemies. Subsistence and Frenzy are always a good pairing, since the former partially reloads your magazine when you defeat opponents, and the latter buffs damage if you're in combat for a certain period of time, letting you consistently hit harder and for longer. 

Rapid Hit and Multikill Clip are also strong if you are defeating combatants with precision final blows, since you'll get both the reload and stability buff, as well as the damage boost from defeating enemies before reloading. In terms of barrel and magazine choice, if you're using the sidearm at close range as intended, the same perks as above will work, giving you stability, handling, and reload speed for ease of use. That said, it really depends on how you're using it in PvE and what feels good. 

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