Where to deploy pallets with cat food in Fortnite

Your final legendary challenge for Fortnite week 13 is to deploy pallets with cat food around the IO base. Presumably, this is to somehow help fight against the alien invasion. Do aliens like Friskies? I don't know, I'm not a secret agent tasked with saving the world.

Thankfully, this challenge is just another treasure hunt around the IO base at Corny Complex. You'll only need to place two pallets with cat food, but I counted at least three options, so this challenge doesn't take long once you know where to look.

Read on for the full guide. Remember that you'll have to complete the previous Fortnite challenges from this week for this challenge to unlock.

Pallets with cat food locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Head to Corny Complex, then look for the large red barn at the center of the area, next to the grain silo. All three pallets with cat food are located around the immediate area.

Pallet 1: Slightly northwest of the red barn just on the dirt path.

Pallet 2: Northeast corner of the red barn behind a small shed.

Pallet 3: South of the red barn next to a tree.

Once you've completed the challenge, you'll earn a lovely 30,000 XP for your trouble. If you've completed all the other legendary quests, you should easily have climbed at least a couple of battle pass tiers.

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Joseph Knoop

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