Deliver Us Mars strands you in space and asks you to save the human race

We're deep into the PC Gaming Show now, with a brand new trailer for Deliver Us Mars, a sci-fi thriller from the studio that made Deliver Us The Moon. KeokeN Interactive's 2020 game is getting a sequel, and this trailer delves more into the bleak space setting you'll find yourself in. 

The story begins 10 years after the first game, after our protagonist hurtled towards Mars in a small space pod and crashed on the ashy red planet. The astronaut climbs out, and accompanied by a small Wheatley-like robot, begins her journey to survive the desolate landscape. As the name suggests, it's similar to the puzzle-driven gameplay of Deliver Us The Moon. However in Deliver Us Mars, we're on a mission to recover ships, known as ARKs, stolen by the mysterious Outward. 

Mars is, as always, dusty and sepia-toned. But flashes of buildings show colonisation has begun to some extent. There's no welcome party waiting for you, though. It's all abandoned. What beings currently inhabit these places, that's for us to find out. And our mission to save the ARKs is to ultimately save the human race, which is closer than ever to extinction. This is not a particularly optimistic mission to Mars.

Deliver Us Mars key art

(Image credit: Frontier Developments)

Surviving on Mars looks like it's going to be intense: Although you were sent on the mission with a team, it seems you're completely alone on Mars apart from your robot friend. You've got to platform and puzzle your way through derelict buildings and across the sandy landscape with pickaxes, rovers, and a touch of swimming too. Deliver Us Mars is crashing down on September 27, 2022 on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Anyone know where I can find one of those G-force machines? The ones that spin you really fast? I want to be appropriately prepared for take off. 

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