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Deathloop is Groundhog Day with assassins, a new game coming from Arkane

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At Bethesda's E3 conference today Arkane Studios, responsible for Dishonored and Prey, announced a new game: Deathloop. 

It's a first-person action game set on an island called Black Reef whose main features seem to be a crashed space station and some metal-faced bad guys who look a bit like they stepped out of We Happy Few. The main characters are two assassins stuck in a timeloop, Groundhog Day-style, that begins again when they die. One wants to end the loop, one wants to preserve it, and both of them are out to kill each other.

It looks like as much of a headscrew as Arkane's reboot of Prey was. There will be targets to hunt across Black Reef, and they promise we'll be able to approach situations "any way you like" which suggests an element of the immersive sim to it. 

At the moment its release date is listed as "upcoming" but we'll let you know when we have more.

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