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Dead Space Comms Array puzzle
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The Dead Space Comms Array puzzle is a bit different from the original game, especially as the sequence wasn't in free-floating zero-G before. Now you can glide around the room, grabbing fuses, and repositioning so you can see what needs to be done next. That said, it can be a little tricky to solve if it's your first time playing.

If you're doing this on New Game Plus, there's actually a Marker Fragment contained in the Comms Array itself. You'll also want to grab Bailey's Crew Rig from his office when you've got a chance since this will help you unlock Master Override. Either way, here's how to solve the new and improved Dead Space Comms Array puzzle alongside a screenshot of the correct solution.

How to fix the Comms Array 

The trick to fixing the Comms Array is to build a single circuit that runs from the power sources at the base of the room to the Comms Array at the very top. You do this by moving fuses with kinesis, swapping out the broken ones for those with the correct shape to channel that power up to the top of the room. The good news is that you don't have to complete every track, and there aren't actually enough fuses to do that anyway. 

As you can see in the correct solution above, you have to build the active circuits on either side of the communication control screen up to the top right where the power line meets the array itself—essentially you're shepherding that blue power line using the shapes displayed on each fuse. If you're struggling to find the right fuses, look around the room at the other broken circuits, since they have the ones you need. When you finish you should only have the horizontal fuse left over, and you'll be able to activate the array.

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