Dead Space 4 not in active development, Visceral working on something new

Put your plasma cutter replica back in its case and stuff your necromorph-stomping boots in the closet, because it looks like we aren't getting a new Dead Space game anytime soon. In an interview with Eurogamer , EA Games label boss Patrick Söderlund confirmed that the space horror franchise is going on hiatus while Visceral Games works on something else.

“Is it better to put them on the fourth version of a game they've done three previous versions of before?” Söderlund asked. “Or is it better to put them on something new that they want to build, that they have passion for?”

Söderlund makes a good point, though I wonder if Dead Space 3 sold the five million units it needed to “remain viable.” After all, Battlefield 3 sold quite well, and now Battlefield 4 is coming out this holiday.

Either way, Söderlund sounded confident about Visceral's future, saying "Will there be another Dead Space game? Who knows? Have we killed it? No, of course not. But right now that dev team is focused on something else that you and other gamers will be very happy with."