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Dead Rising 4 screenshots and gifs leaked ahead of E3

Screenshots and animated gifs have surfaced, purportedly from Dead Rising 4, ahead of Microsoft's press conference at E3 2016. The leaks come to us via NeoGaf user Gwyn who posted several screens and two animated gifs, one showing a zombie being torn in half and swung around like a bludgeon, the other showing what appears to be an electrified battle axe frying an entire crowd of shamblers. 

No release date for Dead Rising 4 has been leaked, at least not yet. Microsoft's press conference is scheduled for 9:30AM Pacific / 12:30PM Eastern, at which point we'll learn if these leaks are accurate. Screenshots are below.

Christopher Livingston
Chris has a love-hate relationship with survival games and an unhealthy fascination with the inner lives of NPCs. He's also a fan of offbeat simulation games, mods, and ignoring stories in RPGs so he can make up his own.