Dead or Alive 6 announced for PC, due 2019

Perhaps this is unfair, but I associate the Dead or Alive beat 'em series with scantily clad female characters—be that in an official (opens in new tab) or unofficial (opens in new tab) capacity. I also understand its DoA 5: Last Round PC variant was a bit of a disaster (opens in new tab) at launch 2015. Here's hoping its sixth main series outing fares better when it comes to desktops next year. 

As told by IGN (opens in new tab), Dead or Alive 6 boasts a new engine that aims to pretty-up the existing formula. Note the hearty facial expressions and sweat-dripping bodies of the fighters that feature here:

The fighter's official website (opens in new tab) tells us that an update beyond the above is due on June 11. IGN, on the other hand, explains that a new combo attack system—Fatal Rush and Break Gauge, as it's known—is designed with new players in mind. 

Kasumi, Hayate, Hayabusa, Helena, Jann Lee, and Zack are so far confirmed as returning characters, says IGN (opens in new tab), with more roster announcements expected in the coming weeks and months ahead.

No hard release date for now, but Dead of Alive 6 is expected in "early" 2019.