Dead Island and Saints Row humble the Deep Silver bundle

With the release of Saints Row IV just around the corner, it seems that publisher Deep Silver wants to set a charitable tone with a Humble Bundle consisting of its more delinquent titles. After all, crime's perfectly legal if it's done in the name of sick children.

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle base package consists of Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row 2, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and the Gold Edition of Sacred 2, along with the soundtrack for each game. Chipping in at least $4.70 will get you Dead Island GOTY edition, along with a DLC-laden version of Saints Row: The Third. And finally, if you chip in a whopping $25, you'll nab yourself a copy of Dead Island: Riptide, though you might want to hold off on that one .

We should also mention that the PC version of Saints Row 2 was a poorly-optimized mess when it first came out, so keep that in mind if you're nabbing the bundle for that title alone. There's a chance things have gotten a bit better since we last visited the city of Stilwater, but we still recommend you proceed with caution.