Dead By Daylight's next killer is a bloodthirsty BTS-inspired pop star

The music biz is a cutthroat industry—but in the real world, that rarely extends to the actual act of slitting throats. Not so for Dead By Daylight's next killer, a jealous K-Pop star who's more than happy to let his fellow bandmates literally die in a fire.

Revealed in an IGN exclusive yesterday, the asymmetrical multiplayer slasher's next season, "All-Kill", is set against the brutally competitive K-Pop scene. To that end, developer Behaviour Interactive has brought aboard U-KISS member Kevin Woo and Canadian producer DJ Swivel (who'd previously worked with a little band called BTS) to ground their horrific take on the K-Pop industry in reality.

The season's new killer is The Trickster. A particularly vain singer for the fictional band No Spin, Ji-Woon's jealousies would see him intentionally let his bandmates be burned alive in an "accident". This would lead to multiple kidnappings and murders, with the singer secretly weaving his victim's screams into his music. Next season's new survivor, Yun-Jin, is the producer he failed to kill before being dragged into Dead By Daylight's supernatural fog.

On the field, The Trickster carries a whopping great baseball bat, but also sports a set number of throwing knives. Getting cut up lowers your movement speed—and if he lacerates you enough, you'll be knocked down to injured or dying states. 

Both Ji-Woon and Yun Jin are up for testing over on the game's test build, with the full season going live on Steam at a later date. Murderous musicians aren't the only things coming to Dead By Daylight, mind. The game is currently in the midst of a significant graphical overhaul, one that'll also include technical fixes, new facial expressions, and a long-overdue colourblind mode.

Natalie Clayton
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