Dead by Daylight adds cross-play and unified friends list between PC and consoles

(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's cross-play feature has been updated to allow PC players to play against people on consoles, while its cross-friends feature (basically a unified friends list) has also gone live. Previously, cross-play only allowed players on Steam and the Microsoft Store to play together, but its scope has been widened to encompass the PS4, Xbox One and Switch. The only game left jealously peeking over the fence is the mobile version, which has been left out of all the crossover fun.

You can now team up with, or alternately hunt down, players across PC and console, which will be pretty handy if you have friends who own the game but on different platforms. Cross-play doesn't sound like a perfect solution, however, as the PC's in-game chat feature isn't present on consoles, and there's no mouse and keyboard support planned for those versions of the game either. You can always opt-out of cross-play, as the FAQ explains, although matchmaking times may increase as a result.

Behaviour Interactive previously announced that 'cross-progression' would also be coming to Dead by Daylight. When the feature goes live in September, it will allow players to keep their stats, inventory and purchases between supported versions of the game. When we last heard about it, only the PC, Switch and upcoming Stadia versions were confirmed as being supported.

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