DayZ update to add new towns, fireplaces, more guns

A post from Dean Hall reveals that the next DayZ update will add new towns and other content. One example, the fireplace seen above, is mostly there to accommodate the cooking system , which will allow you to cook certain items, or create new ones, like soup. Sounds delicious, or at least a lot better than being forced fed a rotten banana . Good thing DayZ already balanced players' stomach capacity .

The update may be a while, however. “We are committed to not releasing builds onto stable to introduce new game breaking bugs.” Hall says. “Now that we've fixed those bugs, we're internally verifying and fixing any new bugs that have been introduced. We will do an unscheduled update the moment we are confident we have a suitable build to release.”The update, whenever it decides to sneak up on us, is also adding new towns, which are teased in these images:

New weapons, including a lovingly crafted AKM, are also in the works. As for the bow and arrow and throwing items, Hall says that progress on the physics engine means they're “now functional at a basic level.”

Earlier this month, we learned that the DayZ development team doubled in size. Hall's post reveals that at least some of these new members are working at different locations in Bratislava, and that they are working on animals, collisions, and zombie pathfinding.

If you're a DayZ fanatic, there are more details to mull over at the game's developer blog .