How to take a pink dolphin photo in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver pink dolphin photo - dave is swimming underwater near two dolphins. One is pink and one is gray and the bubbles behind them form a heart shape
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You probably weren't expecting to have to take a pink dolphin photo in Dave the Diver. But in a game that has you running a sushi restaurant, hiring and managing staff, deepsea diving, and racing seahorses, why would taking a snap of a brightly-coloured ocean mammal seem out of the ordinary? 

Dave the Diver is essentially an amalgamation of every genre you can think of, so despite what you think you might know about the game before jumping in, you're likely to be pleasantly surprised. So, if you're having trouble taking a Dave the Diver pink dolphin photo, read on to find out how it works.

How to take a pink dolphin photo in Dave the Diver 

Sometime in chapter two and on an otherwise regular dive, a dolphin will approach you and beckon you to follow. Head after the dolphin and it will lead you to its mate, who has gotten into trouble and is tangled up in a fishing net. Releasing the pink dolphin is easy; simply approach it and you'll be prompted to free the distressed sea mammal by pressing the space bar. Now for the tricky part.

To take a photo in Dave the Diver, click the camera icon that appears in the middle of the screen, centre the object you're taking a snap of inside the rectangle, then hit the space bar right as the focus marker lines up with the frame. It will turn green at the right moment but it moves quite quickly so you'll need to hit that space bar fast.

In the case of this photo opportunity, once you've freed the pink dolphin, both of them will swim around together and make heart-shaped bubbles in the water—you should try to time your snap so that the bubbles are visible. The dolphins will drop an item you can sell at the Cobra Shop as a reward.

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