Dauntless's latest update puts you up against the spooky monsters of the void

Dauntless's battles typically play out across some lush floating islands, but its latest update, Call of the Void, is notably darker (and more purple). The update, which launched today, introduces a new behemoth called Thrax, who's waiting out there in the void for you to come throw down.

"To challenge Thrax, you’ll need to make your way past the Shadowtouched Behemoths that lurk in the Umbral Deeps," says Dauntless's latest update post. 'Umbral' is code for dark magic, and this update introduces new, tainted versions of existing monsters to fight: "Umbral variants of Nayzagas, Koshais, and Drasks will block your path. But you’ll need to face them and brave the depths to uncover the truth."

You can get a good glimpse of them in the trailer above, as well as Thrax, who seems to be able to create portals to warp himself around the arena. Head to the Dauntless site to see what's included in this update's Hunt Pass, live until July 23.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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