Dataminers uncover new information on GTA 5's Mount Chiliad UFO mystery

Much of the headlines coming from Grand Theft Auto 5 of late have centred around OpenIV's closure and Rockstar and Take-Two's subsequent single-player U-turn. According to MCV, the recent turmoil didn't stop the open world crime sim from becoming the UK's highest selling game for the 13th time last week—and it certainly hasn't stopped the game's UFO hunters from uncovering new 'Chiliad Mystery' data. 

First, some background information for those uninitiated: since Grand Theft Auto 5's 2013 console launch, and its PC introduction two years later, a facet of the game's playerbase has dedicated itself to uncovering a so-called "conspiracy" tied to UFOs and a supposed in-game government cover-up. This wall marking kicked things off: 

In line with the PC launch, we dived deep into the scheme, while Andy has since gathered a number of theories and explored a community in turmoil. The map above clearly identifies aliens and some sort of egg as integral to the mystery—the former of which can be spotted hovering above Fort Zancudo upon if certain in-game criteria are met—however the latter has remained elusive till now.  

As reported by our sister site GamesRadar, dataminers have now discovered new code tied to the latest Gun Running update that not only include the egg but also coordinates that point to the Fort Zancudo military base.

As yet, the Chiliad Mystery community—who are most active via this Reddit thread—aren't sure how to spawn the new items, but the existence of this unearthed code would certainly suggest there's life in this conundrum yet. Perhaps the truth is finally out there.