GTA modding tool OpenIV receives an update, signaling development will continue

GTA modding tool OpenIV released a small update today, from build 906 to build 907 of version 2.9. The update contains "bug fixes and small improvements", which during any other week wouldn't necessarily be cause for celebration. However, considering the recent announcement that OpenIV was ceasing development and updates in the wake of the takedown notice from Take-Two Interactive, even a minor update is a huge deal.

This morning, along with a new statement about its stance on singleplayer modding, Rockstar told PC Gamer that it was talking to the lead developer of OpenIV. It certainly sounds like that conversation went well and it appears that OpenIV will be continuing development, which also suggests Take-Two has dropped its legal challenge against OpenIV.

Another easy dot to connect: this turnaround is due to the massive protest by fans and modders, which included a swarm of negative Steam reviews and a petition with thousands of signatures. The players talked, and Rockstar and Take-Two listened. Good job, everyone!

As of right now, OpenIV's website hasn't been changed to reflect the good news—it still displays the original post about the takedown—but we expect a statement from OpenIV's developer soon.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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