Dark Souls 3 'Don't Stop Moving' mod kills you for being too slow

With Dark Souls Remastered out on Friday, I've got Dark Souls fever. And while I've spent the last several weeks testing the original game's most challenging mods, today's intrigue showcases modder Loki's Don't Stop Moving—a player-made Dark Souls 3 project whose idle health degeneration echoes the '94 film Speed. Sort of. 

For those unfamiliar with the Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock-starring action thriller, the plot of Speed involves a hijacked bus that's rigged with a speed-activated bomb. If the bus exceeds 50 miles per hour, the bomb activates. If it drops below 50, it explodes. Loki's Don't Stop Moving applies a similar principle, whereby your health decreases rapidly when standing idle. 

Only when moving does it level off—and the speed of depletion is tied to your Vigor Level. Furthermore, this mod caps your Estus Flask at five servings. "Bone Shards can still upgrade the amount healed," explains Loki, "but once you hit 5 total Estus, that's it." 

Don't Stop Moving is a simple challenge mod, but I like it. I'm pretty familiar with Lothric's layout, but I still like to pause upon entering new areas to refamilise myself with the lay of the land and its enemy placement. Don't Stop Moving prevents this and in turn forces a more direct and aggressive approach. Likewise, idling with your shield raised in battle is untenable, particular given the mod's Estus handicap.  

More information, including install instructions, can be found on Don't Stop Moving's Nexus Mods page