Dark Souls 'Bonewheels Everywhere' mod is as horrifying as it sounds

Against my ever-growing backlog, I probably shouldn't play Dark Souls Remastered. I mean, I definitely will, and I'll definitely moan about how no matter how many times I finish the game and/or watch other players' walkthroughs, I cannot ascertain a reliable strategy for beating Ornstein and Smough without dying a gazillion times. 

Inadvertent rant aside, PC mods have elevated the original game to the point where I'm unsure how, or indeed if, the remaster can better what we already have. Uninspired by the latest batch of PS4 screens (cheers, WccfTech), I checked Nexus Mods on the off-chance new visual overhaul mods had popped up since I last checked. 

I instead found horkrux's Bonewheels Everywhere. As the name suggests, this mod adds one of the game's most irritating, volatile and health-devouring-if-you-misjudge-their-movement-patterns enemies to all areas of Lordran.   

Bloody hell, I was not ready for this.  

"Have you always wondered how it would feel like to get run over by a bonewheel skeleton in Firelink? Or in the Burg? Everywhere?!?" reads the mod's description. "Now you can live out that fantasy, since I've replaced most enemies in the game with these lovely creatures. 

"I've also added their AI to all levels of the game, so they always behave just as you'd expect from a bonewheel. In order to keep things fresh for the duration of the game, this mod includes some new variants of bonewheels that differ in look and stats to better fit the environment they're in, plus other surprises." 

And now beating Ornstein and Smough is the least of my problems. As for the remaster, perhaps shiny new graphics are less important when you've forced your keyboard through your monitor. 

More information on horkrux's Bonewheels Everywhere, including installation instructions, can be found this way