Dark Souls 2 PC release date set for April 25, includes improved textures and frame rate

Prepare your soul for destruction: the sequel to the all-consuming Dark Souls will arrive on PC on April 25. On the one hand, praise the sun! On the other, grrr, that's six weeks after the US console launch date of March 11. Those of us hoping to plumb Dark Souls 2 's depths on PC will have to hide away from videos, guides and discussion that might spoil the new world and the nefarious bosses within. I propose we form a cult, head down into Darkroot Garden and slay stone knights until Spring arrives.

There's some solace. The release date announcement on the Dark Souls 2 facebook page promises "increased texture resolution" and an "enhanced frame rate" for the PC version. "On top of that, FromSoftware have been working to perfectly adapt the game for a mouse & keyboard combo." Personally, I can't imagine playing Dark Souls without a pad, but decent keyboard controls are symptomatic of a thoughtful port.

The improvements are welcome, especially considering the state of the PC port of Dark Souls 1. If anything goes awry, the Dark Souls modding community will surely be standing by to fix any problems. DS obssessives in the office have started replaying the first game in anticipation for the sequel. How will you prepare for Dark Souls 2?

Tom Senior

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