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Danish 'dodgeball adventure' Stikbold coming spring

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Seventies dodgeball adventure: words that I don't often use in succession, but before Rocket League (opens in new tab) I didn't typically write supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle cars, so there you go. Stikbold, by Game Swing, is a product of the Nordic Game Jam (opens in new tab) (Scandinavia is stockpiling game design crazy (opens in new tab), you see). Now that it's been fleshed out, it's releasing this spring.

Up to six players (four human, two AI) are thrown into courts with flagrant health and safety violations. Surfboards on the pitch, marauding swans possessed by the souls of dead players, a runaway minibus and some sort of whale-Dyson hybrid all threaten due process in the noble sport of throwing balls at your friends.

Fantastically, there's a story mode in which you take on the devil himself. Multiplayer looks like it's local-only at the moment, but if a dodgeball odyssey doesn't make a great party game then I'm out of ideas.