Cyberpunk 2077 drops handful of new screens

Today we learned that Cyberpunk 2077's quests are similar to The Witcher 3's "in terms of playtime and complexity". We also learned that developer CD Projekt Red has "just not been ready" to share the FPS/RPG hybrid's E3 demo footage publicly. What it is ready to do, is release a handful of new screens. 

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As revealed via Twitter, the first shows a group of chiselled thugs—sporting tattoos, prosthetic limbs and a pretty mean-looking pistol. 

The second features the big burly chap with the questionable hairdo, who pops up in the E3 trailer above. Here, he's seen undergoing what looks like cyborg acupuncture.   

He's seen again here flinching behind a pillar, amid what looks like a firefight. 

Lastly, yer man's pictured once again here, holding twin pistols to the heads of some battered robots. The player appears to have a gun shoved in their face too, while they've simultaneously jammed their own piece under the chin of a baddie at close quarters. 

Nothing more to go on as yet, but you can check out everything we know about CD Projekt's next RPG by following that there link.