Cyberpunk 2077 cheats don't exist yet for the 2.0 update or Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077's cheats and console commands have a tumultuous history. When Cyberpunk first released, you were able to enter cheats through the debug console, bending Night City to your will. That power didn't last long. 

CD Projekt Red disabled the debug console with the 1.05 patch released shortly after launch. Soon modders stepped in with the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod, which re-enabled access to the debug menu and once again gave players access to thousands of console commands for weapons, items, and more.

Cyber Engine Tweaks has been updated alongside Cyberpunk 2077 with each patch, and as of this writing supports patch 1.63. The modders behind it are hard at work making CET compatible with patch 2.0, but that could take awhile:

"Don't hold your breath for patches today," one of the modders wrote in the Cyber Engine Tweaks Discord on September 21. "The game has changed massively, we will need a long time to figure things out!"

Because Cyberpunk 2.0's update is a massive overhaul, changing major gameplay systems like loot and crafting, it makes sense that most of the old console commands would no longer apply. So temporarily, there's no way to use any Cyberpunk 2077 cheats or console commands with version 2.0.

As soon as Cyber Engine Tweaks is updated to support 2.0 and digs up new console commands, we'll publish the list with instructions on how to use them right here.

Stay tuned, chooms.


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