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Check out the Cyber Monday savings on this artsy Samsung 4K TV and frame your PC gaming

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(Image credit: Samsung)

If you're looking for a sleek yet powerful gaming TV this Cyber Monday, one that you can hide among the framed artwork on your walls, well, then you're a more decadent, cultured sort than we usually find lurking around these parts. But also, look no further than the Samsung FRAME. This 32-inch monitor comes with a variable fresh-rate and FreeSync support as well as low input lag modes for gaming. It has a zero-gap fixing, meaning that it'll be flush against your wall—like a monitor inside a picture frame.

Though it is the 2020 edition, it still has gaming credentials and this QLED sports a VA panel. This gaming tv is perfect for smaller gaming rooms, offices or bedrooms and can also be placed on a desk or stands if you don't feel like going to the trouble of wall mounting it.

samsung QE43LS03T (2020) The Frame

SAMSUNG FRAME QLED LS03 Series | 32-inch | 4K | 60Hz | 13.9ms response time | $527.99 $447.99 at Amazon (Save $80)
While smaller than some of its counterparts, this 32-inch QLED is an attractive alternative to other televisions on offer. It offers Samsung's Quantom Dot color filter atop a VA panel, customisable frame details, and an art mode that will let you show off your own creations. Fancy.

While it can be used for gaming and comes with Google and Alexa voice assistants, you can also show off your own artwork with Art mode. Maybe you're a keen artist, or maybe you just want to show off your favourite screenshots—you can do either in style with the FRAME. 

The 100% color volume Quantum Dot technology from Samsung will make games, movies and other media pop, delivering over a billion shades of color. You can also customise the color of its bezel to make it suit your room's aesthetic. All of its functions are controlled by the slim OneRemote and you can also mirror it to smart phones and tablets.

If the gamer aesthetic used with most 'gaming' hardware has been doing your head in, then Samsung's FRAME is very much an alternative choice.

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