​How to defend on CS:GO’s Train map

Defending outside

For the most part you can just hold angles, communicate and take the aim duels as the site has three really tight choke points: namely t-connector, ivy and ladder room. Every now and then you will however want to mix it up and consult that great playbook of yours.

If you have a good spawn towards ivy you can go aggressive. All you need is a flashbang and the heart of a lion. Bounce the flash off the floor and keep running. Now the terrorists have two options. Either they die because they turned around, or they die because they didn't.

It's not that simple, but you get the point. You can gain a lot from pushing ivy every now and then. For instance, if you know their team has an AWP and your team doesn't, going aggressive can result in you acquiring one. At the very least you will gather much-needed information. If you know your opponents have a tendency to take their time you can try to sneak up on them. Otherwise it's probably wisest to back off and help your teammates around the bomb train.

As Train is a pretty straight forward map to defend I will give you some advice for those games when you're on the receiving end. Here’s the scenario: you’re down by a couple of rounds and your economy is low. Just before all hope is gone, you decide to do something about the situation. You buy a MAG-7 shotgun and flash your way into the ladder room. This is a risky play because if you have to move out in the open and try to retake a bombsite you are most likely screwed. On the other hand it can win you the round if you manage to surprise a terrorist coming down the ladder and pick up his AK-47.

Be careful!

It may seem easy to win the CT half on Train but you should keep two things in mind: It's just as easy for your opponents and it's really difficult to win eco rounds because of the long distances. What this means is that you should try to hold onto your precious weapons. You want as few eco rounds as possible. This mindset will win you games on Train. Don't chase down that last terrorist unless you think you can do some serious damage to their economy.

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