How to attack on CS:GO’s Overpass map

Lay down a smoke screen on A

Bombsite A on Overpass is infamous for all the angles you have to clear when you enter the site. The counter-terrorists can hide on either side of the truck, around the van, inside bank, on the stairs or dance around the boxes. You get the point. Once you attack the site you don't want to have to worry about the guys rotating from B. For that reason you're going to lay down a smoke screen on the back of the site.

The first smoke is used to make it less attractive to go up the stairs as well as forcing a guy already peeking from there to change position. An enemy moving between positions is always an easier target. Simply aim slightly above this sign while standing on top of the bench outside restroom:

The second smoke is used to smoke off the bank, and can be quite tricky. Hold down the walk key (default is shift) and take two steps before you throw it. Otherwise it will bounce off the box on site and do more harm than good.

Where do you want to plant the bomb?

On bombsite A it's almost always preferable to plant the bomb towards restroom while using the boxes as cover. If you plant in that spot you can stop the defuse from all angles on the terrorist side of the site.

CSGO Overpass A

You're often very limited as to where you can plant the bomb on B. You need the cover from the woodblocks in order to get the bomb down safely. Not only is it the safest spot to plant in, but it gives you a lot of options for post-plant positions. You can stand back in canal, hide behind the pillar, fall back to construction or even go down to pit.

CSGO Overpass B

Final words

Like I mentioned earlier, it's important to take control over key areas of the map. Overpass is a map that's all about fast rotations. Use fakes a lot and don't be afraid to fall back if you notice that your opponents have a strong defense on the site you planned to take. Because of how fast the counter-terrorists can get to the other site it's almost always a good idea to have one guy engaging the enemy on the side of the map. Once you notice that the CTs are adapting to your slow style of play you can start playing a little bit faster and sometimes go for a five man attack. They won't rotate straight away if they're used to fakes. GLHF!

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