How to attack on CS:GO’s Cobblestone map

How do you take A?

You will face a few challenges when you choose to go A. First of all you need to take control over long A and pit, unlike B where you pretty much get long B for free. One of the best ways to secure these areas is by having a teammate pop a flash just past the double doors in pit. Then another player can enter and check all corners. Without a flash you more or less commit suicide by going pit. After that you have control over stairs. That's when a guy on long A should throw a flash through the window and blind any defenders nearby. Hopefully he'll back off and expose himself to the guy waiting in stairs.

You may need to practice that flash a few times before you get it right.

Now you've come to the part where you need to slow down the rotation from B. For that purpose you can smoke off connector door and balcony from long A, like this:

While you perform all of these sick moves it's a good idea to let one player fake B with a smoke and a couple of flashbangs, just to further delay the rotation. Another option is to let him use the popflash in drop that I showed you guys earlier and try to get a kill or two. Remember that the defenders will receive the necessary intel and start to rotate long before you actually make the final push on to A-site.

After you've planted the bomb on A, there aren't many post plant positions where you can stay without being vulnerable from at least one common retake angle. I can't stress this enough: It is easier to win rounds when you attack B.

The pistol round

Winning the pistol round is crucial when you play T on Cobblestone. Due to the long sight lines, you're more or less screwed on the second and third round if you don't manage to score big on the pistol round. For the same reason, however, it's difficult to win the pistol round. As you already know, the usp-s and P2000 are far better at long range than your glocks. Therefore I recommend that you buy at least one tec-9 and use it to secure drop room. Just don't forget to flash first. If you secure the first kill you can make life difficult for any remaining defenders by attacking from both drop and long B.

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