Corsair's K65 and K70 RapidFire keyboards answer the need for speed

Corsair K65 RGB RapidFire

Corsair didn't waste any time as the exclusive launch partner of Cherry's new MX Speed key switches with ultra-fast click action. Hot on the heels of Cherry's announcement, Corsair unveiled three new RapidFire mechanical keyboard models, each of which use the new key switches.

We'll start with the K65 RGB RapidFire. It's a tenkeyless keyboard, meaning it ditches the dedicated number pad for a compact design. It's essentially the same keyboard as Corsair's non-RapidFire K65 RGB, but with Cherry MX Speed key switches under the hood.

Cherry MX Speed is now the fastest MX mechanical switch in Cherry's lineup. With a low 1.2 mm actuation and a lightweight operation of just 45 grams, it's 40 percent faster than standard Cherry MX Red switches.

As with the original K65 RGB, the new RapidFire variant is sleek looking with an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame that pits the keys in a valley between the top and bottom sections. It also features large font keycaps, multiple color per key backlighting, media controls along the top portion, a USB pass-through port, and a detachable soft-touch wrist rest. Corsair also chucks in textured FPS and MOBA keycap sets.

Corsair K70 RGB RapidFire

The K70 RGB RapidFire is the full size version with a dedicated number pad. It uses the same Cherry MX Speed key switches and offers the same features as the K60 RGB RapidFire, plus a few additional media buttons and a metal volume roller.

Corsair K70 RapidFire

Finally, the K70 RapidFire is yet another variant with Cherry MX Speed switches, and the only difference between it and the RGB version is the backlight—red is the only color option on the K70 RapidFire.

The K70 RapidFire RGB ($170), K65 RGB RapidFire ($150), and K70 RapidFire ($130) are all available now.

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