Corsair snaps up peripheral developer, Raptor

Corsair's quest to shake off its reputation as a purveyor of fine PC memory and replace it with a reputation as purveyor of fine PC memory AND peripherals continues today, as the firm has announced it's to acquire German mouse and keyboard manufacturer Raptor .

Raptor, which was founded in 2004, only started selling outside its native German market recently, and from what I've seen of it in PC Gamer its line-up consists of mostly budget kit and a well priced mechanical keyboard, the K1. Sadly that's the one thing I haven't had chance to review as it's not generally available in the UK.

The reason Corsair has picked them up appears to be more for their distribution links in their home country rather than their design skills. Raptor's presence in major German retail chains Media Markt, Satum, Real, Kaufland and Conrad has been highlighted in the release details – all places that Corsair would like to be if it's to gain a foothold in the very lucrative PC gaming market in the country.

According to details released so far, the Raptor brand will continue to exist as a separate line in Corsair's portfolio.