Our top gaming keyboard is on sale at its lowest price ever, $129

Our top gaming keyboard is on sale at its lowest price ever, $129
Our top gaming keyboard is on sale at its lowest price ever, $129

If you've been holding off on investing in one of the best gaming keyboards, today's your lucky day. Amazon currently has a killer deal on the best of the bunch, Corsair's excellent K95 RGB Platinum for a whopping $70 (35%) off. That makes it $129 for the gunmetal version. If your version of Amazon defaults to the black version, just change to gunmetal to get the lower price.

The K95 tops our best keyboard roundup for a reason. Not only is it a big, durable, high performance deck, but it's also bristling with a welcome array of additional features. It packs a wide, rubberized, detachable wrist rest that will swaddle your wrists in comfort while you game or type, a row of six dedicated macro keys, USB passthrough, 8MB of onboard storage for saving profiles, dedicated media keys and a ton of other features that elevate it to the top of a very competitive field of mechanical drivers. 


Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is $129.99 at Amazon | save $70
The top choice in our best gaming keyboards is available right now at the lowest price we've ever seen. It's the gunmetal version.

The K95, one of the best mechanical keyboards out there, is built around Cherry's excellent MX Speed switches, designed to actuate lightning fast for speedy typing and in-game response. They fire at a depth of 1.2mm (compared to the standard 2mm in the similar Cherry MX Reds) for the fastest possible response when milliseconds can mean the difference between victory royale and ignoble death. 

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