How to get a copper key in Core Keeper

Core Keeper
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If you're hunting high and low for a copper key in Core Keeper—try saying that fast, 10 times—you're not alone. The early access survival sandbox has just released its biggest update yet. The Desert of Beginnings adds a new sandy biome and go-karts along with a whole bunch of other stuff.

The copper key may be of common rarity but it's not easy to work out how to get your hands on one. So, if you've hopped into the game to check out the new update and find yourself in a fix, here's how to get a copper key in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper copper key: How to get one 

You'll come across plenty of Locked Copper Chests while you're exploring but you won't be able to open any of them and access the goodies inside unless you have a copper key. There are a couple of ways of getting your hands on a copper key; one requires a fair amount of luck, whereas the other more reliable option will need a bit of work.

You have a small chance to loot a copper key from chests found in the Forgotten Ruins, Clay Caves, Undergrounds, or an even lower chance inside a Larva Hive Chest in the Larva biome. Just be aware that the chance to find the key inside a chest is very low, so unless you're luck is in, you might be better off with the second option; crafting your own copper key.

How to craft a copper key 

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If you decide to craft a copper key, you need to gather a few materials beforehand. You'll need a Key Casting Table to make the key and one of the materials for this crafting station—the Scarlet Bar—requires you to defeat the first three bosses to access the area where the resource is found. 

Here's what you'll need for the Key Casting Table:

  • Plank x20
  • Iron Bar x10
  • Scarlet Bar x10

Once you've got the Key Casting Table, that's the toughest bit over with. Now you just need to collect 10x Copper Bars to make the copper key. Good job. 

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