Control's photo mode arrives tomorrow

(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)

I finally finished Control last night and even though I'm still trying to process what the hell actually happened, I feel confident saying that if Remedy wants to just go ahead and make more Control games for the rest of time, that's perfectly fine with me. For now, though, it's continuing to work on the original game, an ongoing process that will bring us the addition of a photo mode in a free update coming tomorrow.

We lamented the absence of a photo mode when it was announced in September, and for good reason. Despite being entirely indoors, Control's weird world offers some spectacular opportunities for digital photographers. 

"With its Brutalist hallways, big open spaces and strange things creeping in from other dimensions, Control has a very striking aesthetic. Every sector of the Bureau has a unique look and color palette. Not to mention that Jesse’s supernatural abilities can leave a devastating effect on the environment and the Hiss-corrupted enemies," Remedy said on the PlayStation Blog.

"Considering all these strong visuals, there was no question that a photo mode was something we needed to do for Control. It’s a chance for you to express your creativity, and put your mark on the world we’ve built by capturing the moments that matter to you."

The photo mode will support adjustable field of view, focal distance, and aperture settings, and will also offer ten different filters to play with and options to hide Jesse, other characters, or both, for the clearest possible view of the interiors of the Oldest House. And while the announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog, Remedy confirmed on Twitter that photo mode is coming to all platforms.

Remedy also said that a new gameplay mode called Expeditions is coming at the end of the year. Players will need to complete specific objectives within time limits in order to earn "powerful rewards," but it won't be easy: "Every Expedition that Jesse undertakes will come with different modifiers that make the encounter extra tricky," it said.

Personally, I'm more interested in diving back into the story than grinding for mods (What happened to Marshall? Where is Darling? Why is Ahti?) but that's coming too: Remedy is currently working on two "full, paid expansions" for Control, The Foundation and AWE, both of which are expected to be out sometime next year.

Andy Chalk

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