Control is getting free DLC and a pair of expansions

Control promotional screenshots from Remedy
(Image credit: Remedy)

Remedy has revealed its plans for Control, now that it's out in the wild. Jesse's misadventures inside the Oldest House will continue in a pair of paid expansions, The Foundation and AWE, but before that players will get some free DLC to tide them over. 

Control is a game that demands a lot of screenshots, but it's tragically devoid of a photo mode. Players have had to take things into their own hands, but that will soon be remedied with an official tool. It's due out in the autumn and more details will be revealed before then. 

In December, a new game mode will be released for all players. Veteran directors who have already explored the Oldest House's bewildering nooks and crannies will be able to continue their investigation with Expeditions. Security Chief Arish needs help exploring the a new area, which you'll only be able to do with the flashiest gear and powers.

(Image credit: Remedy)

The paid expansions are both due out next year, starting with The Foundation. The Oldest House is weird, but apparently it gets weirder below the Bureau. That's where you'll be sent, at the request of the Board, but Remedy isn't spilling what secrets are down there. 

AWE, the second expansion, is currently even more of a mystery. You'll be able to take a trip to the Investigations Sector, where the Bureau keeps an eye on Altered World Events. I'm the visit won't be disastrous. The art for the expansion also features what looks very much like Alan Wake, shining his trusty torch, suggesting a crossover. The Bureau of Control would probably be pretty interested in Wake's holiday in Bright Falls. AWE is due out in mid 2020. 

Since Control ends a bit abruptly, more opportunities to delve into its bizarre setting are very welcome. 


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