Control is free on Epic Games Store this week

Control key art
(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)

In a week of gaming surprises and announcements, Epic Games Store has launched a particularly juicy freebie—until June 17, you can grab the standard version of Control to keep forever.

Control is Remedy's 2019 action game about a woman making her way through a possessed office building called the Bureau, collecting and subsequently using supernatural powers to restore order (or whatever passes for order there) and finding out what happened to her brother who was taken by the Bureau years ago. 

It's mildly creepy! You can telekinetically hit deformed pencil pushers in the face with their own office chairs! There are errands to run for a janitor who  sees all and sings Finnish songs while he mops the halls! The Bureau is a magnificent place to roam around in, so much so we named it our Best Setting back in 2019. And if your machine is built for it, you ought to do yourself a favour and check out Control's ray tracing, too.

Control is great. It was always well worth buying and is an absolute no-brainer to download for free. The standard edition might be missing Control's two expansions, but you may not miss them much. The first, The Foundation, isn't all that good, and despite what the name suggests, AWE (Alan Wake Expansion, get it?) is less exciting than it is a preparation for whatever's next in the Remedy Connected Universe, potentially teasing any future Alan Wake content the developer will hopefully (please, please) sling our way.

You can grab Control at no cost on the Epic Games Store until June 17, 4PM BST/ 11 AM ET.