Comprehensive Fallout: New Vegas patch imminent

Fallout New Vegas - dorky orc

Obsidian have announced that the massive Fallout: New Vegas patch they've been working on since launch is almost here. There have been a few incremental updates to the game in the last couple of months, but this larger update should squash the remaining bugs and finally bring the game up to par.

Bethesda made the announcement on Facebook , saying: "We've wrapped up work on the Fallout: New Vegas patch and submitted it. Will let you know when it's up on PS3, 360, and Steam."

Previous updates have improved the performance of the game, fixing much of the hitching and stuttering framerates that players experienced after the game's release. The new patch should hopefully clean up the rest of the problems, and bring the game up to the state it should have been in at launch.

If you can't wait for the official patch, check out the list of fan made fixes and improvements in our pick of the top 25 Fallout: New Vegas mods , or if you feel like celebrating, you can go dancing instead.

[via VG247 ]

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