Disco Wasteland - Fallout: New Vegas gets dance mod

Fallout New Vegas dancin

"Doo-bee-ddooo-gonna-be-okay-just dance."

Dammit, we've got Lady Gaga going round our brains right now. That's thanks to this lovely New Vegas mod and associated music video. The mod adds dozens of motion-capped dances to Fallout: New Vegas. With a quick console command it's possible to force everyone on-screen to bust a move. The video gives them a soundtrack. Links to both are below.

There's an impressive array of dances contained in the mod. The Ceaser's Legion soldiers in particular can rock the floor. You can download the dance mod from Fallout: New Vegas Nexus . For Fallout: New Vegas modding goodness, check out our pick of the 25 best Fallout: New Vegas mods .

Tom Senior

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