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Comedy adventure game Chuchel, from the makers of Machinarium, is out now

The folks behind the excellent, surreal point-and-click adventure games Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost have just released Chuchel, which is more focused on making you laugh than asking you to solve tough puzzles. 

Chuchel is an angry ball of dust with an orange hat and a pet that looks like a cross between a rat and a potato, called Kekel. The pair want nothing more than to hunt for cherries, and it's your job to help them along the way.

Phil's review of the game is now live here—he said that it's rarely laugh-out-loud funny but that "there's a joyfulness to its scenarios that I couldn't help but smile at".

The trailer, below, was released a few months ago but gives you a decent idea about what to expect. It looks plain silly, and the squelchy sound design is immediately charming. That's no surprise: the studio's previous games, particularly Botanicula, have some of the best audio around.

It will offer up puzzles, but don't expect them to be real head-scratchers. The point is to prod its characters, enjoy the animations and giggle at the gags, occasionally slipping into arcade segments inspired by classic retro games.

If it sounds like one for you, then it's $10/£8 on Steam, GOG, and

Samuel Horti

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