Classic LucasArts biker adventure Full Throttle still kicks ass

In our Reinstall video series we take a fresh look at old games. So far we've covered the likes of Blade Runner, Max Payne, The Dig, and, uh, the Lost videogame. And now, in the video above (or on YouTube), you can check out my retrospective of Tim Schafer's classic biker adventure, Full Throttle.

Full Throttle is one of a handful of PC games I've been replaying at least once a year since I was a teenager, and I'm still not bored of it. It might not be the best LucasArts adventure in terms of its puzzle design, but the art, characters, story, and world make up for it. And if you want a few anecdotes about its creation, here's a fun interview I did with Schafer a few years ago.

Andy Kelly

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