Classic '90s platformer Flashback is getting (another) sequel

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it trailer from the Summer Game Fest, developer Microids announced a sequel to the cult classic platformer, Flashback. Developed by Delphine Software of Another World fame, Flashback presented a moody, cyberpunk caper with rotoscoped visuals and slower-paced, realistic platforming.

Microids' follow up is a 2.5D direct sequel to the original game, seemingly ignoring Delphine's 1995 follow-up, a clunky early 3D shooter confusingly titled Fade to Black. Microids also announced a "makeover" of the original game to commemorate its 30th anniversary.

Microids' official website gives a brief preview of Flashback 2's plot:

"After defeating the Master Brain in the previous episode, Conrad and his allies are once again facing the Morphs species, threatening all civilizations. Adding insult to injury, Conrad’s best friend Ian is being kidnapped in front of him.. Another dirty trick from the Morphs? It will be up to you to find out who did it and their motivations."

Microids is also working closely with some developers from the original game, including designer Thierry Perreau, composer Raphaël Gesqua, and Flashback's original creator, Paul Cuisset.

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