City of Heroes issue 23 will bring the Praetorian War to an end

City of Heroes

City of Heroes is preparing to launch their latest big content update. Issue 23, which will be called 'Where Shadows Lie' will bring an end to the dramatic Praetorian War storyline, which has already claimed the live of City of Heroes' signature crime fighter Statesman, pictured above (centre). The war will be resolved in a new mission called the Magisterium Incarnate trial, which promises to give players the chance to end the threat of Emperor Cole, whose lieutenants they've spent the last few updates battling.

Issue 23 will also bring a new zone, called Night Ward, a mystical prison described as being 'trapped between the land of the living and the world of the dead', which features new enemies like the mysterious Drudges and the terrifying Black Knights. There will be some convenience updates too. Starting with Issue 23, free players will be able to join Super Groups (the City of Heroes version of guilds) and use looking for group chat, which they were previously barred from doing.

Finally paying players will get new benefits, with two new costume sets and the new 'Hybrid Incarnate' power tree, which will open extra power options to level 50 players, letting them diversify their characters with new powers, or specialise them further in their given role

For the full run down of what the update will include, check out the City of Heroes website.