Check out the massive Dark Souls 2 feature in Edge magazine's free iPad sampler

Notoriously difficult, cold and unforgiving - but enough about the staff of Edge magazine! The latest issue contains a massive ten pages on From Software's sequel to the ruthless Dark Souls, and you can read it all for NO MONEY buy snapping up the mag's iPad sampler.

Just search for 'Edge' in the App Store or download it via . It's a pretty snazzy thing, with lots of interactive whizzbang, HD videos, galleries, animations and extra content on top of what you'd get from the (already extremely lustrous) paper edition. You won't get all of that in the sampler, but you will get the low-down on Dark Souls II, detailing the relationship with its predecessor, the evolution of its mechanics and fiction, alongside an extensive interview with the project's new helmsman, Tomohiro Shibuya, and loads of exclusive artwork.

If you like that, you might also consider that it costs only £2.99 to subscribe to Edge, and that next month's issue will contain something very interesting to PC gamers! Very interesting indeed. More details to follow next week!


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